ProductsBy SAMEE

SAMEE combines the widest selection of industrial sockets and plugs, sirens and cable festoon systems. These products are available with reliability, durability and built-in safety to make it easy to find the right equipment for any application. Sockets and plugs are available in over 200 different models in 4 categories: Sockets, Plugs, Connectors and appliances from 10A to 125A.

Cable festoon systems including wire ropes and C-rail systems as well as custom designed solutions.

Outlets & PlugsBy SAMEE

SAMEE offers a wide range of high quality outlets and plugs for different applications and environments. Industrial plugs, socket/outlets, connectors and appliances from 10A to 125A.

Some of the features:

  • Safety and durability of products
  • Easy installition
  • Hight temperature resistance
  • High insulating resistivity to humidity
  • Good insulating body to short circuit
  • Proper guarantee and after-sales services

Cable TrolleysBy SAMEE

SAMEE provides a wide range of cable festoon systems as well as custom engineered systems. If you don’t see exactly what you need, you can always contact us with your requirements. Wire rope and C-rail cable trolleys are the most popular.

Wire ropes are designed for light energy systems in mind (with 1 to 4 cables) and are suitable for applications which do not allow the installation of C-rails. C-rail systems are used for very different applications from light to heavy design: crane manufacturing, hoist units, transport systems, conservation technology, special engineering and many more.

Alarm SirensBy SAMEE

SAMEE provides general-purpose electro-mechanical sirens that produce a distinctive sound and tonal quality for industrial applications. These sirens have a high maximum pitch that provides excellent contrast to industrial ambient noise, equipped with dust filters to protect the device in polluted areas like cement and lime companies.

Alarm sirens are offered in two models: 100 and 1000 watts with 220AC universal motors.